VERDOT Ips² is a renowned provider of expertise in the design and realization of purification equipment for various Biopharma projects and other industries. With a history spanning over 60 years, we have continuously evolved and refined our capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Formerly a part of the French group SPLG, VERDOT Ips² is now majority-owned by the investment fund CAPITAL EXPORT since January 2021. This partnership aims to drive the international development and growth of VERDOT Ips².



InPlace™ Column

Perform All Process Operations in a Self- Contained System to Save Buffers and Time

    • Closed system design

    • Ideal for all media

    • Variable height adaptor for axial compression

    • Supports multiple packing methods

    • Fullly automated packing, unpacking & cleaning (optional)

    • Reliable, sanitary and fast hydropneumatic inflatable sealing system

    • Low mechanical shear during media transfer

    • Hoist-free operation with optional Column Lifter or Maintenance in Place

    • Complete documentation for regulatory submissions

    • Customizable diameter up to 2.2m


The MiniPro system by VERDOT combines versatility, precision and rock-solid performance in a benchtop chromatography system.

    • Configurable for pilot or small scale production
    • Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Configured for simultaneous in- line dilution and gradient operations for high performance and reduced cost
    • User-friendly software meets U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
    • Includes complete documentation for regulatory submission


The VERDOT Ips2 FlexiPro is a benchtop system adaptable to a wide range of chromatography processes. The fluid path containing all product contact parts can be replaced in less than 30 minutes in order to support multiple applications without the risk of cross contamination.

    • 4 ranges of flow rate from 0,6 up to 600 LPH
    • Flexible and simple configuration of adaptable flow rates range to meet scalability needs
    • Totally preassembled flowpath, fast and easy to install
    • High precision Gradient & Dilution
    • Easy to operate software
    • 21 CFR Part 11 and USP VI compliant
    • Complete documentation for regulatory submissions

Process Chromatography Skid

Isocratic System, Inline Dilution and Gradient Capability, Included in a Proven Platform Designed for your Purification Process.

    • Systems are available for pilot to production scale
    • Multiple options enable a wide range of configurations
    • Entire system is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Unit is configured for simultaneous inline dilution and gradient operation for high performance and reduced cost
    • Skid conforms to ASME BPE requirements
    • User-friendly software meets U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
    • Skid includes documentation for regulatory submission
    • Steam-in-place capability available


A modular and compact chromatography column for pilot and small scale purification

    • Chromatography columns from ∅10cm to ∅20cm
    • Modular design easily adapted to various applications
    • High-performance flow distributor
    • High packing efficiency
    • Complete documentation for regulatory submissions

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