Sexton Biotechnologies, part of BioLife Solutions Inc., provides products and services to those creating cell and gene therapies that will save and improve the lives of our patients. Stemming from the Medieval Latin, the Sexton was to be wise, humble, and committed to serving the needs of their community. Our products perform to both protect and enhance the innovative work being done in labs across the world to accelerate the path toward clinical success and provide a better life for our patients.



Moving from concept to commercialization, the CellSeal AF-500 delivers the automation difference in a precision engineered, GMP compatible, fill-finish system. For cell and gene therapy developers and manufacturers, the AF-500 provides the path to scale up and standardization with:

  • Accuracy: 99% fill accuracy
  • Productivity: filling up to 400 vials per hour
  • Traceability: detailed process parameters included in batch record and audit trail
  • Sterility: suitable for Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) sterilization Versatility: designed for a controlled environment; benchtop, biosafety cabinet, or isolator.


The Signata CT-5 brings easy to implement automation and uncompromised flexibility to early stage cell and gene therapy manufacturing. Designed to support a broad range of closed system fluid transfer processes, the Signata CT-5 is ideal for final formulation and fill with ready to use transfer and output consumables.

Development teams can select from cell seal cryovials or cryobags. Alternatively, the flexible platform means customers have the option of utilizing custom specified output containers supporting multiple closed connections, the Signata CT-5 allows fill of varied vessel types and sizes. The adjustable nature of the control system means a user can fill both QC samples and final containers during the same process.

Run with built in customizable protocols, the system ensures consistently reliable and repeatable fill simplifying one of the most critical processes in the highly complicated manufacturing cycle of cell and gene therapy products.The result is improved accuracy and efficiency, reducing risks and improving downstream success. A simple but powerful tool, the Signata CT-5 provides rigorous automation and control without losing the flexibility to support multiple product and process development cycles.


Just like your therapies, the CellSeal vial is different, radical and innovative.

The difference is in its unique design. CellSeal vials are created from USP class VI materials chosen for their chemical resistance, extreme durability even under true cryogenic temperatures, and maximum cell recovery rates.

The difference in the design means you get:

• Consistency: uniform freezing and thawing profile
• Durability: fracture resistance
• Safety: heal sealed to prevent contamination
• Usability: maximum recovery
• Flexibility: multiple fill ports and sizes
• Scalability: choice of manual or automated filling


Consistent and Reproducible Freezing of CellSeal vials

Removes the need for alcohol additives or an external power supply with the CellSeal Freezing Container. Available for 2ml and 5ml CellSeal vials, this unit facilitates controlled freezing through passive cooling at a rate of -1oC/min.



Stemulate® Xeno- and heparin-free pooled platelet lysate.
Used globally in clinical stem cell and immuno-oncology applications as a high performance FBS replacement.

Your culture media supplement must provide rapid cell expansion of high efficacy cells while meeting quality and regulatory expectations. Stemulate meets those requirements for applications that do not require additional pathogen reduction technology. Available in clinical or research grade formulations.

nLiven PR™

GMP-ready pathogen reduced human platelet lysate.

As global regulatory expectations evolve, Sexton Biotechnologies is there to meet the challenge. With a validated pathogen reduction technology, nLiven PR established the gold standard for performance and quality of irradiated pooled human platelet lysate.


GMP-ready human platelet lysate for closed system bioprocessing.

Building on the success of nLiven PR, T Liven PR combines closed system compatible packaging with release against a T-Cell growth release assay. Ensure your immune cells meet optimal cell quality. T-Liven PR consistently produces cells with improved naïve and central memory phenotype.

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