Bioprocessing includes two important processes – Upstream and Downstream Processing. 

Since Living cells are used for the manufacturing of Biologics, to obtain the final product, advanced processes like Upstream and Downstream processing are used in the manufacturing process. The unit operations in the Upstream and Downstream processing are Fermentation / Cell Culture, Chromatography and Filtration. 

PharmNXT Biotech provides equipment, consumables and technical know-how for the manufacturing of Biologics. The equipment and consumables provided by PharmNXT Biotech for the manufacturing of Biologics are as follows:

     • Chromatography 
         ◦ Chromatography Resins (Purolite) 
         ◦ Chromatography Systems  
         ◦ Chromatography Columns 

     • Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) 
         ◦ TFF System – Cassette based and Hollow Fiber Based 
         ◦ TFF Holders 

     • Normal Flow Filtration 
         ◦ Filters 
         ◦ Buffer Filtration Systems 
         ◦ Bioburden reduction filtration systems 
         ◦ Sterile Filtration Systems 

     • Virus Filtration 

     • Virus Inactivation Systems 

     • Buffer Preparation Systems 
         ◦ Automated Systems for Buffer Preparation using Open Liner Based systems 
         ◦ Automated Systems for Buffer Preparation using Closed Mixer Based systems 
         ◦ Levitating Mixing Systems – Automated, Semi-Automated, Manual 
         ◦ Buffer Storage SystemsCubical Totes, Round Bins 

     • Bulk Drug Filling Systems 

     • Controlled Rate Freeze and Thaw Systems 

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