DTR is a brand-new way of managing single-use tubing. DTR™ system is an innovative new product range unlike anything else on the market. Specially designed for cGMP applications, a DTR™ system is the best choice to improve first impressions, reduce trip hazards and reduce the risk of error, associated with single-use assemblies.

Using both extruded and injection molded plastic components it has been designed to be installed quickly for both new build and retrofit applications.

Whilst defining the route of the tubing it also improves the aesthetic appearance of the facility and reduces the trip hazards.

If the end users requires multiple product change overs and these changeovers result in the need to modify the routing then the installation can be installed with this flexibility built in. Our technical support team are happy to advise on how to mount the DTR™ if a high degree of flexibility is required.

Why Use DTR™

High Quality
We only use the finest materials to craft our superior products. For any client in the pharmaceutical industry, those looking for premium quality components need look no further.

DTR manufactures a range of components that when assembled together provide the solution for the management of flexible tubing pathways. The DTR™ system is ideal for single-use factories that require reproducibility over flexibility, which is needed in a cGMP environment. That said, DTR™ can be installed in such a way that it can be changed easily if a new routing/tubing size is required.

Working in association with consultants from the pharmaceutical industry (where control of flexible hosing has been a concern), we have developed a simple yet effective solution via a range of components that assemble together to create many different pathway options.

Available Sizes

Original Design

DTR6 – 6mm (1/4″)

DTR25 – 25mm (1″)

DTR11 – 11mm (7/16″)

DTR28 – 28mm (11/8″)

DTR19 – 19mm (3/4″)

New Design

DTR16 – 16mm

DTR35 – 35mm



KoNXT is a range of Single Use assemblies designed as per the process needs of the customer. The customized KoNXT assemblies are carefully designed with a high degree of process knowledge to eliminate operator error and reduce the risk of contamination, XELTA KoNXT Single Use Assemblies minimize process risk in sterile operations by employing proven flexible connections. Through XELTA KoNXT assemblies, we’re able to provide maximum flexibility by allowing you to connect a wide variety of tube sizes and connectors into one easy solution. Optimized for single-use applications, XELTA KoNXT assemblies allow PharmNXT Biotech Team to create assemblies tailored to your specific requirements that result in reduced process risk.


The NXTtff system by PharmNXT Biotech is a system that’s perfect for running fully automated UF/DF processes at high capacity. It can handle any volume between 20L and 500L (200 g to 2.5 kg), and the compact system, has a low hold-up volume and the capacity to accommodate cassettes with surface area ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 m2


Single-use technology continues to be adopted for many areas of bioprocessing. The use of automation provides additional benefits in manufacturing such as consistency in product quality, reduced labor costs, and reduction of operator errors.

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