Univercells Technologies provides innovative biomanufacturing technologies to help customers achieve cost-effective viral production from R&D to commercial scales. Leveraging the strengths of process intensification and chaining, the technology portfolio delivers increased performance with minimized footprint and costs.
We build upon years of expertise and capitalize on technology developed by Univercells and vetted by world leaders to deliver the next evolution of biomanufacturing technologies.

NevoLine Upstream Platform

Evolving biomanufacturing technology
The NevoLine™ Upstream platform is an innovative biomanufacturing technology that delivers cost-effective viral production. This new generation platform builds on the successful NevoLine™ sIPV  proof-of-concept designed to deliver affordable inactivated polio vaccine.
The high-performance, intensified platform features a flexible design to accommodate viral vaccine, gene therapy, and oncolytic virus production. With the NevoLine™ Upstream platform, automated GMP clinical and commercial-scale upstream production is achieved within a 3 m² footprint.

Scale-X™ cell collect

Seed train made simple
The scale-X™ cell collect module is a benchtop cell harvest system for fixed bed to fixed bed inoculation. The module retrieves cells through a combination of enzymatic and mechanical action, providing high cell harvest yields (up to 2.1E+09 cells/m²) with excellent viability (>90%). This enables cost-effective cell expansion in GMP-compliant conditions, while de-risking the seed train process in a low footprint.

Scale-X™ carbo system

Intermediate-scale for clinical & commercial production
The scale-X™ carbo system is a GMP-compatible solution for process development, clinical and commercial production. It features a structured-fixed bed bioreactor and in-line TFF concentration automated through a centralized interface. This intermediate-scale enables to bridge the gap between R&D and commercial production offering high productivity in a low footprint with scalable processing.

Scale-X™ hydro

A small-scale R&D solution
The scale-X™ hydro is a small-scale system designed for rapid proof-of-concept and early-stage process development.  Its single-use structured fixed-bed bioreactor features 2.4 m2 surface for cell growth.
This reliable automated small-scale solution offers direct process transfer opportunity from 2D technologies. It also facilitates early process optimization via rapid improvement of key process parameters within a reduced footprint.

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