NXTstor is a stainless steel container designed for safe and robust storage of biopharmaceutical fluids using XELTA 3D single-use bags. This unit has a wide range of bag sizes, making it suitable for many applications. NXTstor units are available in four volumes: 100L, 200L, 500L and 500L. NXTstor is available in both the option Jacketed and Non-Jacketed for temperature-sensitive applications.

Smaller Footprint:

The stackable provision in the NXTstor system enables users to meet complex in-process demands and storage requirements while maximizing the utilization of available clean-room space.


NXTstor is designed for 100% drainability and recovery which in turn helps to maximize productivity.


XELTA 3D bags coupled with robust NXTstor systems provide a steady and secure solution for processing, storage, and in-house transportation of buffers, media, intermediates and final bulk products.

Ordering Information

NXT Stor

Part no


Dimensions (L x D x H) mm


NXTStor-200L: Non-Jacketed

800 x 625 x 995


NXTStor-200L: Dimple Jacketed

800 x 625 x 995


NXTStor Trolley- 200L

1025 X 600 X 162


NXTStor-500L: Non-Jacketed

1120 x 825 x 1118


NXTStor-500L: Dimple Jacketed

1120 x 825 x 1118


NXTStor Trolley- 500L

1135 X 800 X 195


NXTStor-1000L: Non-Jacketed with trolley

1210 x 1010 x 1370


NXTStor-1000L: Dimple Jacketed with trolley

1210 x 1010 x 1370

*Load cell: Available upon request for all the sizes
*2000L NXTstor: Available upon request
*100L bag can be installed in 200L NXTStor

Disclaimer : All specifications are subject to change. PharmNXT Biotech reserves the right to modify the content. Please contact us while ordering.



The XELTA 3D bags are designed for large-scale applications where systems are required to be reliable, flexible and easy to install. Manufactured from premium film Validated for use in the Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

The XELTA 3D bags bring together state-of-the-art design features that improve the robustness of single-use systems. This brings considerable advantages in terms of ease of use and product recovery when dealing with large fluid volumes.


PharmNXT Biotech NXTrack Systems are key components in delivering efficient, ergonomic and scalable process solutions for your bio-production needs. PharmNXT Biotech NXTrack systems are designed to reduce operator error and improve process efficiency. With a full spectrum of systems to choose from, you get greater flexibility, mobility and support for your single-use technologies.


NXTbin is a stainless steel cylindrical vessel designed to safely and robustly store pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical fluids using XELTA 3D single-use bags. This unit has a wide range of bag sizes, making it suitable for many applications. NXTbin units are available in three volumes: 100L, 200L, and 500L. NXTbin is available in a jacket option as well for temperature-sensitive applications.

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