The NXT TFF system by PharmNXT Biotech is a system that’s perfect for running fully automated UF/DF processes at high capacity. It can handle any volume between 20L and 500L (200 g to 2.5 kg), and the compact system, has a low hold-up volume and the capacity to accommodate cassettes with surface area ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 m2

System Concept:

The NXT TFF System is a combination of hardware, a control system and single-use flow kits that work together to create a system that provides ease of use. It has been proven to run automated process sequences for TFF processes — while keeping sensors and instruments within reach.

    • The NXT TFF System facilitates the automated processing of batch volumes from 20 to 500 L of monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins and vaccines processes.
    • The single-use sensors provide the means to fully monitor and control the process

Typical applications

    • Cell harvesting/clarification
    • Recombinant protein concentration
    • Vaccine concentration/purification
    • Monoclonal antibody clarification/concentration
    • Plasma purification/concentration

User-Friendly Software:

The control unit uses a simple, user-friendly interface via the touchscreen for data input and programming commands. The system is shielded from unauthorized access with password protection (four levels), and all events and actions (alarms, process steps, manual commands, etc.) are recorded in accordance with cGMP guidelines. The program allows you to operate the system manually or automatically.



Single-use technology continues to be adopted for many areas of bioprocessing. The use of automation provides additional benefits in manufacturing such as consistency in product quality, reduced labor costs, and reduction of operator errors.


NXTchrom is a range of configurable chromatography systems designed to meet all chromatography-based process requirements and the design can handle any column diameter. We use a proven platform that allows you to integrate different options into one core platform.

With a self-contained design, the NXTchrom System incorporates pumps, valves, and instruments in a single system. The system’s control cabinets include pneumatic and electric components, and the system can be controlled using an easy-to-use touch screen interface.

NXTmix is the next-generation levitation-based mixing technology designed to handle all your single-use mixing requirements from media & buffer preparation, intermediate process mixing, final formulation and filling application. Highly flexible and cGMP complaint system allows you to use volumes commonly used in manufacturing processes of up to 1000L.


KoNXT is a range of Single Use assemblies designed as per the process needs of the customer. The customized KoNXT assemblies are carefully designed with a high degree of process knowledge to eliminate operator error and reduce the risk of contamination, XELTA KoNXT Single Use Assemblies minimize process risk in sterile operations by employing proven flexible connections. Through XELTA KoNXT assemblies, we’re able to provide maximum flexibility by allowing you to connect a wide variety of tube sizes and connectors into one easy solution. Optimized for single-use applications, XELTA KoNXT assemblies allow PharmNXT Biotech Team to create assemblies tailored to your specific requirements that result in reduced process risk.

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