Entegris LifeSciences

Founded in 1966, Entegris has been a trusted provider of innovative solutions for the semiconductor industry for over 50 years. Our mission is to enhance our customers’ productivity, performance, and technology by delivering cutting-edge materials and process solutions for advanced manufacturing environments. With a robust supply chain, manufacturing capacity, high purity standards, and industry-leading turnaround time, we are dedicated to driving progress and enabling our customers’ success.

Aramus™ Single-Use 2D Bag Assemblies

Aramus single-use 2D bags are made of a high-grade, gamma- stable fluoropolymer, and provide high purity, exceptional compatibility, and increased safety for critical process fluids and final products. The innovative single-layer technology does not contain curing agents, antioxidants, plasticizers, or adhesives, so the potential for process fluid contamination is greatly reduced. These subassemblies withstand a wide operating temperature range (-196° to 121°C [-321° to 250°F] or lower), without negatively affecting the film; making them extremely durable in frozen applications.

Aramus single-use assemblies are manufactured in an ISO® Class 5 cleanroom and provide high purity, performance, quality, and safety for your process.

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