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VERDOT Ips² France

VERDOT has expertise in designing, manufacturing and commissioning of large-scale purification
equipment based on “Process Needs” of customers.

VERDOT Ips² France

Since October 1st, 2014, VERDOT Ips² became a part of the French group SPLG The purpose of VERDOT team is to provide its expertise in design and realization of purification equipment for several Biopharma projects and other industries, starting from the development phase to the industrial stage.

The 11 years spent in Bio-Rad Laboratories Group between 2003 and 2014 led VERDOT Ips² to a refocusing on the LPLC industrial equipment with a pilot scale incursion. VERDOT Ips² has been able to accentuate the experience and knowledge acquired over more than 60 years:

  • In the 1950s: a group of turners/millers experts in a workshop directed by Mr. Charles Verdot and dedicated to mechanics subcontracting for MICHELIN in particular
  • In the 1970s, the workshop activities specialized in stainless steel and plastic materials to manufacture prototypes, subassemblies, and assemblies in very small series.
  • From the 1980s, the company leaned increasingly towards cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, especially with closed-loop water systems.

In the mid-1990s, using the expertise that was acquired over thirty years, a research unit was created to develop our own equipment. Three lines of products were offered

  1. Weighing and packing equipment
  2. Closed-loop water systems including the technical room and the vat room
  3. Industrial equipment for purification processes, mainly low-pressure liquid chromatography technology (LPLC)

The products supplied by Verdot IPS2 are designed based on In-depth knowledge and integrated solutions for projects and customers’ application in Bio Pharma & Food.

The Pharmaceutical and BioPharmaceutical environment requires great precision in the design and manufacturing of each component, in-depth regulatory knowledge (GMP, FDA,…), and a vast set of engineering skills such as biology, materials engineering, general and fluid mechanics or automation. Our quality system and culture are based on these requirements. At VERDOT, a component is inconceivable without complete tractability (material, surface finish, welds), an instrument without calibration, a function without qualification, automation without event recording and access management, a risk without analysis and control, and equipment without drain ability, cleanability, and full functionality qualified internally and with the Customer (FAT).

The control of our equipment must be simple and intuitive in order to allow operators to easily program and use their recipes. Training in the use of our supervision is done within two hours and allows operators to be quickly autonomous.

We provide our expertise for the package of chromatography columns with different types of resins. We can train customer operators at this critical stage or create packages in customer premises according to their needs.

The specificity of our customers processes may sometimes require compliance with directives concerning equipment under pressure or explosive atmospheres. VERDOT Ips² offers this type of equipment by creating specific calculation notes and surrounding itself with notified bodies authorized to verify the design and manufacture of this type of system.


The VERDOT® standard equipment range supports customers in all their purification projects, from pilot scale to industrial production. Our Pilot range offers compact skids and modular columns from 10 to 20 cm in diameter, for R&D and small volume production. For industrial-scale production, Easy Pack, In Place and AgiChrom columns are available from 20 cm. All our standards equipment are designed in a sanitary way, with pharmaceutical grade materials, and are compatible with GMP use. The wide range of products offered by  VERDOT Ips² allows an easy scale-up of all chromatography processes.

  • PilMod Chromatography Columns: 5 cm to 20 cm; Pilot and small-scale process columns
  • In-Place Chromatography Columns: 20 cm to 100 cm; Inplace packing and unpacking columns
  • Easy Pack Chromatography Columns: 20 cm to 100 cm; Open Top-end packing columns
  • AgiChrom Agitated Chromatography Columns: Agitated chromatography columns for special applications
  • Flex Pro: Process Chromatography Skid: Disposable flow path chromatography system for various application
  • Mini Pro: Benchtop process chromatography Skid: Pilot-scale system with 120 LPH capacity
  • Process Chromatography Skid: From Pilot benchtop to large scale chromatography system

For more information please visit https://www.verdotips2.com/en/products-catalog