Purolite Limited

For over 35 years, Purolite has supplied specialty ion exchange resin technology to industries within complex regulatory environments, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical, and electric power generation. Purolite is the only global company to focus 100% on resin technology.

Purolite Lifesciences Assures its customers

Global ISO 9001:2008 standards ensure consistent operating practices across each of our plants. Compliance is monitored and maintained through quality assurance and regulatory team that conducts internal audits to ensure operations meet the guidelines and protocols for equipment and procedures.

Purolite maintains a global Quality management system (QMS) which supports BSI requirements of ISO 9001:2008.e list of spare parts to be stocked helps reduce inventory

Ensuring reliable availability of products in case of emergency is vital to customers and of paramount importance to Purolite.

As a leading supplier of resin media to the world’s most regulated industries, Purolite has a real-world security-of-supply system in place to support your process requirements for business continuity in the instance of natural disaster or emergency.

Purolite has manufacturing facilities at 3 strategic global locations in the USA, Asia, and Europe, and is currently building its 4th manufacturing plant in the UK. This facility will be the second-largest agarose manufacturing plant globally, with a capacity of 100,000 L per annum.

Purolite Life Sciences provides customers with regulatory support documentation for Praesto products used by our customers in GMP regulatory environments.

Comprehensive regulatory support files are available for each Praesto resin and are provided under a confidential disclosure agreement.

Praesto® Formats

All Praesto resins are available in a variety of formats to suit your process needs, from high-throughput to full-scale commercial manufacture. Process development and up-scaling is further streamlined by using our pre-packed and pre-qualified formats.

Praesto high-flow agarose resins provide high performance, cost-effective downstream processing solutions. We offer a selection of Protein A and Ion Exchange resins in a variety of bulk and pre-packed formats to suit your needs, with some of the best technical minds in the industry on-hand to solve all of your purification challenges.

Praesto® Jetted Beads

Purolite Life Sciences are the only resin supplier in the world with the ability to manufacture process-scale volumes of both copolymer and agarose resin beads with uniform particle sizes. The more uniform your resin beads, the more consistently your chromatographic process will perform.

Our technology is called ‘Jetting’ – a patented, continuous manufacturing process for producing chromatographic resin beads with a narrow, uniform particle size distribution.

From a manufacturing perspective, our non-solvent Jetting process gives us yields of 100%. Compare this with the traditional batch emulsification method of resin manufacture – which does use solvents – and yields can be as low as 40%. This means that Jetted products reduce product wastage by 60%, whilst reducing our environmental impact considerably.

Jetting is a more streamlined, efficient manufacturing method, which eliminates the need for a time-consuming screening process. This reduces manufacturing time in our facility, reducing lead times considerably and enabling us to pass those savings on to our customers.


No fines

Higher flow velocities

Improved column packing efficiency, reproducibility and stability

No column net clogging

Reduced fouling = longer lifetime

More consistent packing characteristics

Lower back pressure

Possible to use larger mesh size column filters/nets

Less risk for fouling of resin and/or supports

Improved lifetime

Faster mass transfer kinetics, shorter processing time frames

Improved resolution, more concentrated elution

Increased efficiency & productivity

Non-solvent = Greener manufacturing

Precise lot-to-lot reproducibility